ACTE Research & Whitepapers

ACTE provides you with a variety of research and white papers that can help to guide readers to understand the various components that must come together in a unified fashion for a successful travel programme including the evolving expectations and needs of the modern business traveller, and the support to the travel managers with both today's challenges and tomorrow's future.
A New Horizon in Hotel Sourcing
More than half of programmes have made some change in the approach to hotel sourcing in the past three years.
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Promoting policy compliance
Progressive travel managers adopt a range of strategies to encourage compliance.
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Simplifying Managed Travel
The world of managed business travel has become increasingly complex as we seek to align seemingly irreconcilable aims.
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New Approaches to Hotel Sourcing
The digital revolution has transformed travel – but one corner of managed business travel seems stuck in the old fashioned and inef cient manual practices of the past. 
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Managing the Modern Business Traveller
The modern business traveller continues to evolve: ACTE members, around the world, are seeing growing signs that this independently-minded individual is becoming the new normal, across all demographics, for managed travel. 
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Take the lead on duty of care for the modern business traveller
Modern business traveller anxieties about personal safety continue to grow.
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Meet the Modern Business Traveller
Insights into the lives of today's corporate travellers.
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The role of traveller centricity in business air travel
A nice-to-have or a fundamental?
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Serving the multifaceted modern business traveller
The modern business traveller - first identified by ACTE in 2016 - continues to evolve.
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The Evolution of Airline Agreements
A view from corporate travel buyers.
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