International Contact Information

ACTE's International staff has significant expertise in education and training, international business, journalism, and the corporate travel industry. ACTE's full-time staff is joined by a wide array of international experts and scholars who share their knowledge by identifying issues, predicting business trends, and encouraging open discussion.

Global and US

Main Office
526 King Street, Suite 215
Alexandria, VA 22314
Tel: 800-228-3669 (800-ACTENOW)

Membership Office 
Tel: 800-228-3669 (800-ACTENOW)




Executive Director
Greeley Koch
Tel: 703-302-8362
Director, Global Engagement
Jill Koronkiewicz
Tel: 703-302-8365

Research Director
Fitzgerald E. Draper
Tel: 703-302-8367

Manager, Global Education
Jen Bankard
Tel: 571-429-6078

Marketing Manager
Kat Jarvis
Tel: 703-683-5322

Marketing Coordinator
Amanda Aliperti
Tel: 703-683-5322

Manager, Global Events
Lacey Armbruster  
Tel: 703-683-5322

Senior Director, Global
Business Development        

Victoria Priola
Tel: 703-302-8366

Global Business Development        
Regina Malry-Campbell  
Tel: 703-302-8370 

Global Business Development        
Linda Valenza

Administrative Coordinator
Hallie Sampson 
Tel: 703-683-5322


Main Office
6/F Hung To Centre,
94-96 How Ming Street,
Kwun Tong (Ngau Tau Kok MTR),
Hong Kong  

Regional Director, Asia       
Benson Tang
Tel: +852-3700-9303 

Regional Manager, South East Asia       
Jyothi Varma
Tel: +91-9731844700

Assistant Manager, Greater China        
Lily Zhang
Tel: +86-15821977667

Regional Manager, Asia
Edward Fong
Tel: +852-5114-8256

Regional Head of Business Development, Asia
John Holden
Tel: +65-9816-7680




Main Office             

Regional Manager, Canada       

Amber Hall
Tel: +1-778-938-8331

Europe, Middle East & Africa

Main Office

Regional Director, EMEA           
Stephanie Smook
Mobile: +31 (0) 624603264

Regional Support Coordinator, EMEA
Vittoria Lomazzi
Tel: +39 334 6535255
Mobile: +41 766236538



Main Office       
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